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Pigmentation treatment

Best Dermatologist In Gurgaon


Healthy glowing skin is what we all yearn for. Instant power radiance treatment at the Estique clinic leaves you with immediate glowing and rejuvenated skin. We begin the treatment by doing exfoliation of the skin using microdermabrasion using a diamond tip.

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Mesoglow Treatment In Gurgaon


In this treatment, we introduce small droplets of cocktails of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins through microneedles into the deeper layer of the skin to give nourishment to the skin.

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Laser Toning In Gurgaon


The Laser beam targets the pigment present both superficially and deeper in the skin resulting in a lightening of the skin. It acts by selective photothermolysis and the resulting thermal injury results in new collagen formation which leads to skin rejuvenation as well.

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Best Clinic For Chemical Peels Treatment In Gurgaon


Chemical peel treatment is a popular procedure these days where a chemical agent or combination of agents of defined strength will be applied to the skin which helps in remodeling and regeneration of the skin, improved texture and surface abnormalities along with the pigment reduction.

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